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Ordering From Nightowl

  • Purchase with confidence, Our website has SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to stop hackers in their tracks. That’s the strongest encryption on the market today. It’s virtually uncrackable.
  • If you want to receive a volume discount, contact us and we will submit a formal quote payable online, or set up a custom listing in eBay
  • Quotes can be paid electronically via Email invoice sent by Nightowl, direct payment via check/money order or to our bank (3% additional discount) 
  • We are sorry, but we no longer accept PayPal
  • When you use our eBay Store your purchases are covered by eBays Money Back Guarantee

When you buy Nightowl brand products

  • Once you have paid and the funds have cleared our bank, our average delivery time is 10 business days for most orders when drop shipped from the factory, l     
  • Customs inspections, periods of heavy shipping volumes, and holidays may extend the delivery time 
  • Large orders and custom orders may extend production time which also extends delivery time   
  • All orders receive expedited air freight shipping from our factory outside Hong Kong to your door 
  • You can request any factory drop shipment go through our Lexington, KY location for inspection and testing at no additional cost, this will extend the delivery time     
  • Drop ship orders may have a small COD amount due for customs inspection. If this happens, send a copy of the bill and we will reimburse you.    
  • Inspect order and report damage to shipper immediately . Shipper is responsible for shipping damage and we encourage insurance. Nightowl will assist with claims   
  • For items not as described, dead on arrival, or not functioning correctly please contact Nightowl and we will arrange for repair or replacement

When you buy other brands from Nightowl

  • We sell dozens of leading stage lighting brands
  • Every manufacturer has different delivery timespans based on many factors  
  • Nightowl will work with you to find the right shipper, shipping method, price, and timerframe combination to suite your situation.  
  • Nightowl will assist you in returning your purchase or receiving warranty service should you have a problem contacting or working with the company in question.  
  • Inspect order and report damage to shipper immediately . 
  • Shipper is responsible for all shipping damage. Nightowl will assist with the claims process.